Bike Commuting

Metro Bus System

  • The Metro bus system is a popular way to save money and wear and tear on your car.
  • Find out which bus route is best for you by visiting or by calling customer service at 402-341-0800.

Heartland B-cycle

  • Bike sharing is a great resource for getting around town when the walk is too far or you don't have your bike.
  • For more information visit:

Metro Rideshare Carpooling Program

  • MAPA provides a FREE carpooling service to metro area employees. Go to to sign up.
  • MetrO! Rideshare provides a free taxi service two times for emergencies.

Grand Totals

4129 Rides
39574.26 Miles
10.520 tons CO2 saved

Bus Leaders

Matt Storck 1060
Henry Cheng 1020
Erica Mcclellan 1000

Carpool Leaders

cory hoover 1560
Deepak Pawar 1020
Pam Squier 1020

Walk Leaders

Sherie Meyer 1660
Cat King 1520
kelsey fillman 1320