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To participate in the Live Well Omaha Commuter Challenge, first you have to sign up, either with your workplace or as an individual. Although our new and improved challenge will track all forms of active transportation, we also wanted to continue our tradition of representing Omaha in the National Bike Challenge. As a result, we have created a hybrid logging system. We will be collecting and consolidating the data from both sites to create a master rankings list for our challenge.

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Log your trips

Once you’ve signed up, start logging your transit, walking and carpool trips on May 1st. The Live Well Omaha Commuter Challenge will be tracking all trips made via bike, bus, walking and carpool. Remember, any bike, bus, or walk trip that replaces a car trip counts!

How Scoring Works: Our challenge is designed to reward people for trying active transportation. You will receive 20 points for each “active day” logged. We will continue to track the number of miles taken during the challenge, but scoring and prizes will be based only on the number of active days logged.

What is an “Active Day?” It’s any day that you replace at least one single occupancy vehicle trip (driving) with biking, walking, using transit or carpooling.

A note about carpooling:

Carpool days will be counted based on the assumption that a single occupancy vehicle trip is saved in the process. Here’s a handy FAQ guide to help:

Q: I drove with my spouse to work and back. Can I log it?

A: Yes! You can each log 1 active day. (Why? You saved one car trip)

Q: I dropped my 2 kids off at school before continuing on to work. Can I log it?

A: Nope. (Why? Your kids would not have driven themselves; you did not save a car trip.)

Q: I drove with my spouse to the grocery store and back. Can I log it?

A: Nope. (Why? You would not have taken 2 cars to the store; you did not save a car trip.)

Calculating mileage: The mileage calculator will measure the trip as the amount of miles you are replacing for a car trip from your starting point to your destination. This data will not count for points or prizes, but we will still collect, report and celebrate it!

Deadline: You must log your commutes/trips for each week by 5:00pm on Monday of the following week. Logging active days means you’re earning points! And points mean prizes (and bragging rights!) Here is the prize level breakdown:

  • Bronze – 100 points
  • Silver – 250 points
  • Gold – 750 points
  • Platinum – 2500 points

At the end of each month, we will award prizes based on point level and e­mail the winners to arrange prize pickup/delivery.

Grand Totals

7058 Rides
73611.25 Miles
19.753 tons CO2 saved

Bus Leaders

Matt Storck 2000
John Moritz 1940
Robert Beckerbauer 1860

Carpool Leaders

cory hoover 2460
Pam Squier 1920
Deepak Pawar 1720

Walk Leaders

Sherie Meyer 3060
Cat King 3000
John Moritz 1940