What is the Omaha Commuter Challenge

The goal of the Omaha Commuter Challenge is to encourage people to give active transportation a try! Join the challenge and track your progress from May 1 - September 30. Form a team at your business or organization and enjoy some friendly competition with others in the community. You'll have a great summer seeing your city in a new way, all while earning a chance to win some great prizes!

What is active transportation? - Using a bicycle, transit, or your own two feet can save you money, provide additional physical activity to your day and help keep our air quality in check. You don't have to sell your car or make radical lifestyle changes to make a difference. Little steps can make a big impact.

Using active transportation to get to work just once a week is a 20% reduction in commuting trips!

So you've never used your bike for transportation. So you've never ridden the bus...and have no idea how you would. No worries. We're here to help!

Dust Off Your Bike. You don't have to dress in spandex, and you don't have to put yourself in harm's way. Grab comfortable clothes and pick a bike friendly route using neighborhood side streets, bike routes or trails. Live too far away? Drive part way and bike the rest. Consider an errand that you could take via bike instead of car. We have a handy map and all kinds of tips and tricks available to help you get started. Log Bike Miles Here.

Give Transit a Try. Did you know that most of Metro Transit's Express Routes can get you from suburban Omaha to downtown in about 30 minutes? Imagine what you can do with your time if someone else is doing the driving - perhaps you could calculate the amount of money you saved that day in fuel and parking fees, compared to the cost of your bus fare! Or just catch up on your Facebook Feed! Pro Tip: Use Google Route Planner to figure out how to get where you need to go.

Be Ready to Walk. Maybe you're lucky to live close enough to walk to work. If not, keep a pair of sneakers at your desk so that you can walk to lunch or for errands near your office. Extend your range of options by walking to the nearest Bcycle station, grab a bike and go.

Find a Buddy. Take a trial run carpooling and see how you like it. If you can't find someone to ride with at your office, check out MetrO! Rideshare and get connected with others looking to form a carpool.


Please contact Madison Haugland <madison@livewellomaha.org> if you have any questions.

Grand Totals

7058 Rides
73611.25 Miles
19.753 tons CO2 saved

Bus Leaders

Matt Storck 2000
John Moritz 1940
Robert Beckerbauer 1860

Carpool Leaders

cory hoover 2460
Pam Squier 1920
Deepak Pawar 1720

Walk Leaders

Sherie Meyer 3060
Cat King 3000
John Moritz 1940